How to start adding live events into your business

By Anita Jaynes on 13 November, 2020

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As the world continues to battle against the Coronavirus pandemic, and more restrictions are placed on work places and the amount of people allowed to be in one place at the same time, it can certainly appear as though large parties, live events and conferences are a thing of the past.

However, as always we remain confident in the fact that life will eventually return mostly to how it was pre-Covid, and this will also see more people return to their offices, and of course start to put on live events.

Whilst it’s true that it may not happen for a while, and most likely not before the end of this year, if you’ve ever considered holding a live event for your business, then try to stay positive and not believe the negative press about you having missed your chance for these.

For now, live events being postponed means that you have plenty of time to prepare for how you would like yours to look, and it also means that when we do finally get back to that stage of doing things, then people are going to be so much more appreciative and won’t take in-person socialising, whether for business or pleasure as just a given since they’ve seen what life is like on the other side, particularly during lockdown.

Live events are certainly not for everyone, that’s true, but the fact is, when many people think of them in a business capacity, they often think of huge events such as those put on by motivational speakers like Tony Robbins. 

Whilst those are certainly one type of live event, they’re not the only type, and as a business owner, you get to decide what yours will look like and how big or small it will be.

If you’ve decided that you’d at least like to try adding live events to your business, then in this post we’re sharing a few tips with you on some steps to take as you start planning:

Decide What’s Included:

Live events are amazing because you can really connect with people on a much deeper and more intimate level than you can online or even if you’re coaching in person in some cases because live events bring a truly unique energy.

They really are about the experience, so with this in mind, you’ll want to think about things you can add to your event to make this and even more memorable experience. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean going overboard and trying to cram everything in or impress people – you should still be using the quality over quantity approach, but, as an example, if you’re having your event in a hotel and it’s going to last for at least a few hours, then you’ll want to think about whether to include meals and refreshments.

Some events may even include accommodation, VIP goodie bags, or access to nighttime after parties. If you do plan on having something like this at your event, then you could use something like a Nomadix building projector to deliver a dazzling light show or even give a killer presentation.

Focus On Quality Over Quantity:

As mentioned above, when people think of live events for business, they’re often thinking of massive events with thousands of people in attendance and professional stage productions, such as those held by people like Tony Robbins and Brene Brown.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with these events – in fact they attract people from all over the world because of how transformational they are, but there are equally amazing and transformational events that are held in rented Airbnb apartments or small hotel conference rooms for 10 people. 

Put your focus on quality above quantity and on the desired outcome you want to help people achieve. You can always host bigger events as you go, but there’s nothing to say you have to.

Decide On A Single Outcome:

When planning your event, decide on the one thing you want to help people achieve. Just as you would do when creating any kind of product or service for your business, you have to think of an event in the same way – all that’s different is how it’s being delivered.

So, instead of trying to solve their every problem in a 3 hour event, focus on one major thing you know you can help with, and the event will be so much more enjoyable for everyone.

We hope this post was helpful in showing you that live events can be a really great thing to add to your business and that with some thoughtful planning and consideration, they really don’t need to be over the top, fancy or complicated to really make an impact and give people an incredible transformational experience to walk away with.