GWP’s new joint-venture set to bring about improvements in quality and supply of corrugated board

By Anita Jaynes on 20 October, 2014

A new multi-million pound joint venture in the UK corrugated cardboard industry is set to bring significant improvements in the quality and supply of corrugated sheet used to manufacture packaging.

The Wiltshire-based GWP Group have joined with several other like-minded independent box-makers across the UK to form a shared corrugated sheet manufacturing business named CorrBoard UK.

The new plant opened in Scunthorpe in August and the £18m ground-breaking project has already created jobs for 55 people. This is expected to increase to around 100 over the new few months.

An attempt to stabilise prices, provide consistent quality and reduce the need for imports of corrugated board from overseas, were the driving forces behind the venture, which has taken several years to come to fruition. Securing financial backing for an untested business model was just one of the difficulties the partners faced.

David Pedley, CEO of the GWP Group, based in Cricklade and Salisbury said: “As this was an unusual business model UK banks did not have the confidence to support the venture so we had to secure funding from overseas, which was frustrating.

“All partners in the project have played significant roles in getting this venture off the ground. I believe it is the first time that competitors in the industry have come together in this way to solve a problem such as this.”

The CorrBoard plant uses the latest technology and advanced manufacturing methods. Production capacity will increase as partners grow their individual businesses.  Improved plant capabilities will bring significant performance benefits to customers. For instance, the consortium will be able to supply board to partners in bespoke volumes, allowing significant improvements in flexibility for end-customers.

David Pedley added: “CorrBoard will make a significant difference to GWP’s corrugated packaging business.  We will now be able to rely on procuring consistent quality board in the quantities we need to meet the growing demands of our business.  It’s great that the plant’s now up and running and to know that CorrBoard is producing product that’s the best quality achievable anywhere in the market”.

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