Graphic designer’s business reaches net zero

By Anita Jaynes on 13 December, 2021

Graphic design and branding expert Danny Matthews has achieved net zero emissions for his business, and has pledged to move towards working only with mission-driven clients.

Danny, who heads up Danny&co., has recently switched to an electric car, and to renewable energy for his home-based office near Cirencester. Through some other adjustments, and by off-setting emissions through a tree-planting initiative, the business is now carbon neutral, and moving towards being carbon negative.

All new clients onboarded with Danny&co. will be mission-driven, with an additional purpose over and above commercial success. 

Danny, said, “I looked at my clients and realised that I am actually almost achieving this anyway. Almost all of them are mission-driven. One client, Solo60, is about repurposing retail space for gyms, another is all about reducing gift waste, a third is focused on people over profit. They all seem to be doing something that has a positive impact on the world, and that really chimes with my ethos at Danny&co.

“As a result, I have made the decision that all new clients I take on must be mission-driven businesses, and I am really excited at this prospect.”

Danny said he is equally enthused about reaching net zero carbon emissions. 

“The home office is using renewable energy and the electric car is rented. Last year, I began subscribing to an initiative run by climate change campaign organisation Ecologi, through which I am funding the planting of at least 1,400 trees a year.

“I still want to go further, so will begin focussing on other areas of sustainability, like supplier assessments, and am also working on a project about education and young people without access to university.”

Pictured above: Danny Matthews, Founder, Danny&co