Gough’s new digital approach sees significant rise in web enquiries

By Nick Batten on 4 March, 2022

Wiltshire legal firm Goughs has seen online enquiries increase by 72 percent since making a fresh foray into the digital age. 

The 140-year-old company, which has seven offices across Wiltshire, commissioned a new website and digital marketing from Chippenham-based creative agency Milk & Tweed after recognising it was in danger of being left behind. The new site, launched last April, has seen a 24 percent increase in traffic. 

Marketing Executive Amber Turner explained that the change was needed because clients want to engage differently with legal firms. She said although Goughs has had a website for many years, it didn’t give potential clients, who are often anxious and under stress, clear information that was easy to find. 

Milk & Tweed built a completely new site from scratch and researched thousands of online searches to see what people most wanted to know about the range of services Goughs offers. It then helped the firm’s experts identify topics for online articles. 

Amber said, “For new clients, it is increasingly the first point of reference and having a lot of content on our site means we are really building ourselves up as a reputable source of information on legal issues. 

“We’ve had people in the last few months who’ve selected us based on how easy they’ve found the website to navigate and how quickly they’ve found the information on the services they are looking for.” 

According to Amber, the articles are aimed not just at answering legal queries, but also emotional ones. She said, “For instance, we have an article on the impact of separation and another on domestic abuse.

“Clients often come to us at a difficult point in their life, so having articles that help them manage these matters helps to demonstrate how we genuinely care about their circumstances.” 

Milk & Tweed Head of Digital Marketing James Scott, said, “We undertook a huge research project focusing on what people were asking and searching for on Google. We used this research in building the website and made sure every page and article had a reason for being on the site. So when Goughs promoted their website on social media, through emails or when people searched a question on Google, they were able to easily find helpful information.” 

James added, “The agency has already refined the site after installing software to track what viewers look at. We have given them the website but then we’ve said ‘let’s analyse it, let’s improve it’ and it’s very much an ongoing thing.”

Pictured above: (left to right) Goughs Marketing Executive, Amber Turner with Milk & Tweed Creative Director, Jake Jeffries