Front Room’s logo design for Wiltshire start-up barks up the right tree

By Anita Jaynes on 30 November, 2015

Tamara Eggleston was setting up her own business Barking Hen Jewellery when, in September, she entered The Business Exchange Start up September competition. She was the lucky winner of a business logo, donated by The Front Room Marketing & Design.

After many years of working in the jewellery industry for other people, Tamara felt the time was right to realise her ambition and start her own jewellery business, Barking Hen Jewellery. Gaining inspiration for her jewellery from nature, Tamara works with a variety of different materials, including copper, silver and coloured glass to produce truly individual pieces.

Having chosen an unusual name for her business ‘Barking Hen’ which was quirky and untraditional, it was important for her logo to reflect her brand.  “Although I am a creative person I didn’t have a clue where to start in designing a logo” said Tamara.

Tamara knew that the logo would need to ‘work’ for her in different formats for marketing, social media and on packaging. The final design was sophisticated, modern and easy to reproduce in different formats.  After an initial consultation, the team at The Front Room worked with Tamara to develop her ideas into a logo which would work commercially. They developed several concept ideas which were refined into the final identity.  Tamara said “The experience was brilliant. The Front Room were very welcoming and relaxed. As my workshop wasn’t yet finished I had no jewellery to show but they took on board the ethos of my business when designing my logo – I love it.”

To find out more about Tamara’s bespoke jewellery visit her Facebook page, Barking Hen Jewellery or follow: @TheBarkingHen on Twitter.

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