Free workshop offering from Swindon-based design agency

By Anita Jaynes on 5 March, 2022

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The Business Exchange met Jon Richards and Dan Dinsey who form Obladee a local partnership, which is inviting business owners in the Swindon and Wiltshire area to give its purpose-led design approach a go.

Jon and Dan tell us more about the Obladee way.

What is ‘purpose-led design’?

Jon Richards

Jon Richards (JR): Usually, you’d have someone great at scoping out a project and coming up with a brief, only to then pass this on to a design team – with bits missed out in translation. We are facilitators and designers, creating a unique combination of analytical and creative minds. This means that you’ll be mapping out the project with the very same people who will bring it to life.

Dan Dinsey (DD): We find this works seamlessly and leads to more successful projects. By setting out the intention together with the business, we can see the bigger picture, which helps make the best business and creative decisions.

JR: We might end up with design but we will always start with purpose.

How is it different to other design agencies?

DD: Every project we work on we collectively take a step backwards before moving forwards.

JR: Most people will be familiar with meeting with a creative team to get across what you want out of the project. The difference is that you will find the Purpose Discovery Workshop is like a briefing meeting after a double espresso!

Dan Dinsey

DD: It really digs down to the root of the challenge that is being tackled. We find that teams often come away from it with tasks that they can implement straight away themselves.

What is the benefit of this approach?

DD: In the long run, it is likely to be much more time-efficient, as we are all on the same page from the start, meaning a lot less back and forth.

JR: Also, the results from working in this strategic way will outweigh the investment, so it can be really cost-effective too. Every project we work on has to fulfil three things for the business we are working with; save them time, allow them to maintain control, and see measurable results.

How does the Purpose Discovery Workshop work?

JR: We have developed a way to virtually run these workshops with teams, which is much more time-efficient.

DD: This completely aligns with our purpose to save businesses time. They take around 90 minutes, you can do them from anywhere, and it’s excellent for hybrid teams that aren’t necessarily in the same location.

JR: We have a shared whiteboard with digital sticky notes, along with a video chat to replicate being in the same space together. We work through the things that are going well for the business and its challenges. The team will develop solutions on how to move forward, leaving the session with some action points to be getting on with straight away.

Why are you offering it for free?

DD: We really feel that we have something great to offer and would love to help businesses in the local area. There is no better way for people to understand the purpose-led design approach than to experience it for themselves.

JR: That’s why we are inviting people to apply, and we will be running a limited number of Purpose Discovery Workshops to businesses in the Swindon and Wiltshire area.

DD: There are genuinely no strings attached. We’ll run through a Purpose Discovery Workshop and provide you with a summary report, if chosen. We understand that our offering is different, so we want as many businesses as possible to experience the difference and see how it can work for them. 

How do businesses apply for a chance to have a free workshop?

JR: We are currently offering limited spaces per month. To apply all you have to do is go to and fill in the application form.

To learn more about Obladee and their purpose-led design service, visit