Family accountancy expert bucks ‘traditional’ trend thanks to local creative agency

By Anita Jaynes on 31 October, 2023

Chartered accountant Mander Duffill has incorporated 75 years of tradition into a modern new website to capitalise on recent growth and prepare for further expansion. 

The Chippenham practice, which also has offices in Devizes, Malmesbury, Truro and Paddington, turned to creative agency Milk & Tweed, also based in Chippenham, to bring a focus on personality and personal service to its website.

Managing Partner Julian Duffill said, “We wanted to relaunch our website to show more of who we are, with the main purpose of giving people an insight into the firm and how we are able to support our clients.”

The practice which was launched in Chippenham in 1947, prides itself on building relationships with clients, many of whom are the second or third generation to have dealt with the firm. Julian added, “Looking after family businesses is probably what we are best known for.”

Julian’s team, led by Client Associate Director Lydia Carver, worked with Milk & Tweed to ensure the majority of the photographs used on the website are actual staff members instead of corporate stock shots. Lydia said, “In the world we live in today, a lot of people will carry out their research on the internet before approaching a firm and we just wanted them to see who we are.”

Julian added, “Our ethos as a company is all about integrity, loyalty and being professional, approachable and friendly. They may sound like buzzwords but we do actually run the business like that and we feel the website conveys this.”

Mander Duffill has approximately 65 staff but is looking to expand further as its client base continues to rise above the 2,500 mark. “We’re very proud that around 80 per cent of our new business comes from word of mouth,” said Julian. “We are looking to expand into other market towns across the county because there are lots of new businesses out there and lots of new opportunities.”

“We have taken on ten new team members in the last year, including four graduates, because we are passionate about developing our own staff. Three of our four partners trained here so I think we are pretty good at developing people and retaining them.”

Julian and Lydia said working with Milk & Tweed has been a positive experience. Lydia said, “They listened and understood what we wanted to achieve and they have gone above and beyond in delivering it. We’ve had a very personal service and they’ve been great.”

“They’ve done a great job and we’re really happy with it,” Julian added. “We’ve now integrated things like a chat function with 24-hour support and you can book an appointment online through the site with which we are delighted. Milk & Tweed added things that weren’t within the original scope; they were good and I definitely recommend them on that.”

Milk & Tweed Creative Director Jake Jeffries said, “Growing up around Chippenham and the local area, Mander Duffill is one of the names and businesses you are just aware of, so I was really happy and excited to work with Julian and the team. We wanted the website and user journey to speak to the user, who are they, and what are they looking for. We’re excited to continue working with Mander Duffill and really promote and push their business and brand awareness digitally.”

Check out Mander Duffill’s new website at:

Pictured above: Mander Duffill Senior Partner Richard Mander with Jake Jeffries, Creative Director of Milk & Tweed, which revamped the family firm’s website