EE signs Swindon’s Infinite Group for “Quad Play” field marketing deal

By Anita Jaynes on 15 October, 2015

EE has employed the Swindon headquartered Infinite Group to supply field marketing to 530 of its retail stores across the UK, helping the telecoms giant cross sell its “Quad play” offering.

The UK’s biggest mobile phone and 4G network provider is leading the charge in Quad play services; bundled mobile, landline, broadband and TV from the same telecoms provider in return for a better customer deal.

Infinite Group is providing customised field marketing training and coaching for different stores, rather than standardised corporate selling messages for Quad play to all stores.

Working closely with the head of sales operations at EE for Home Broadband & TV, Infinite has recruited four “category development managers” for EE to analyse performance across 23 regions and different stores.

Appropriate training and coaching is then provided specific to the EE staff needs for each store, dependent on level of understanding of Quad play and cross-selling expertise.

Mark Rice, head of sales operations, Home Broadband & TV at EE said: “Rather than the traditional call file model where you try to deliver the exact same message in every store, every month, we are working with Infinite Group on targeted business development.

“The level of selling expertise and needs varies considerably across the stores so we needed a tailored approach to cross-selling home broadband and TV to our millions of mobile users.”

Although working for Infinite in field marketing the category development managers were recruited through a rigorous EE recruitment process, ensuring they were the right fit the company’s culture and management style.

EE provides daily store performance data, marketing presentations and any group communication details, enabling the managers to tailor their training and coaching packs with the very latest information available.

Mark said: “We have a laser-focus to target under performance and the return of investment the field marketing coaching provides is amazing. I could not drive the sales volume increase and engagement levels we are getting with commissions, incentives or customer offers.

“The category management team we’ve created with Infinite Group is the blueprint for the future of field marketing support into retail. Plus we could easily replicate this model for other channels.”