Design agency launches free image library

By Anita Jaynes on 7 November, 2016

Little Lightbulb, a design agency based in the Glove Factory, Holt has launched Stock Sandwich, a free, high-resolution stock image website.

Stock Sandwich has been designed to help anyone with a need for good quality imagery. But why make it free? Little Lightbulb’s senior designer and photographer, Ross Merritt said: “Stock Sandwich is our way of giving back to design, marketing and the open source culture. Without the selfless help of countless contributors, the web wouldn’t be where it is today and most of us simply would not have learned the technical skills we need to do what we do!”

Ross has contributed over 200 of his own photographs, with more planned additions (both from himself and other photographers) due in the coming weeks and months. Ryan Vaughan, Little Lightbulb’s planning director, commented: “We’re building a platform from which carefully chosen photographers and their hand-picked shots can be positively showcased to thousands of professionals around the world. Not only will they be featured throughout the site, they will be personally introduced to our fans via our newsletter and social media for maximum impact.”

Jon Ramsbottom, managing director of Little Lightbulb added: “Stock Sandwich is a platform for everyone, from designers to marketeers, international advertising agencies to freelancers, and of course, photographers. We knew that professionals from a wide variety of communication and promotional backgrounds would appreciate the sites simplicity and its mission.”

“We identified that many stock photography sites would often give the photographer a pretty rotten deal and so we resolved this by showcasing the creative work and removing any financial complications. We wanted to ensure that the focus was on the photography AND the photographer.”

Having conducted their research into what people want, the team have designed the site to suit the user’s needs. Ryan added: “No-one likes a pop up asking for a subscription in order to get something that’s “free” – but this happens all the time. We’ve chosen to let YOU decide if you want to sign up for our monthly newsletter (which will give you early access to upcoming photos). We’ve tried to make a user experience that is both easy and transparent.”

The team have taken future developments into account too, so the ongoing Stock Sandwich experience is a good one.

Jon concluded: “This site has been a labour of love, and we’ve decided to include / exclude things to convey that. Watch this space for being able to search by colour, tagged imagery and keywords.”

Visit Stock Sandwich at: and to find out more about Little Lightbulb go to: