New studio promises art for all

By Ben Carey on 15 January, 2024

A new studio in Trowbridge is offering children and adults a range of therapeutic arts and crafts activities.

Creative Minds Arts & Crafts on Mill Street opened its doors to the local community in the autumn.

Directors and experienced senior childcare and adult support practitioners Samson Soyebi and Steve Cartledge have set up the business to allow people to experience the range of emotional, physical and cognitive benefits that arts and crafts can offer.

The art studio, which is open for a range of uses from therapeutic art sessions through to painting parties for people of all ages and team-building sessions, was purposely designed to reflect the requirement for a quiet, intimate and safe space.

Both Sam and Steve have strong backgrounds working with young children, adolescents and adults with a broad range of adverse experiences, traumas and challenging behaviours. They also have experience in working with people with a range of conditions including cerebral palsy, Tourette’s, ADHD, Asperger’s and autism.

Steve said, “It is now widely recognised that therapeutic art practices may enhance multiple areas of development of those involved, and the Creative Minds Arts & Crafts team recognises that art in a safe, fun and fully-supported environment is a wonderfully inspiring release for its participants.

“It gives them something to look forward to – the opportunity to meet new friends and engage with likeminded people. It also enables a body of work to be created and looked back on with pride, or even used as evidence for a certificate of diploma.

“Creative Minds Arts & Crafts is passionate about enriching lives, particularly those that are vulnerable and under privileged. We look forward to developing relationships within the community, and we welcome children and adults from the social care system or those with additional needs.

“Having said that, we are inclusive to the entire community, so we welcome participants of all backgrounds, ages and artistic ability. We really do have something for everyone from eight to 80 years old.”

Studio Manager, Sophie Clift, added, “It’s a privilege to be able to support those that can’t always support themselves, but our studio is more than that. We also offer children’s arty-parties, SEND-friendly sessions, team-building painting parties, paint and prosecco nights and specialised crafting sessions ran by very talented local artists.”

Creative Minds Arts & Crafts has already built a loyal following and is keen to listen to feedback from the local community to allow it to provide a range of opportunities to suit all needs.

Steve added, “We feel strongly that Trowbridge is riding the crest of a creative wave at the moment, and we are proud to be able to provide a safe and fun environment for everyone to engage in whatever arts and crafts activity they choose. The studio belongs to Trowbridge and surrounding towns. We just facilitate the space for the benefit of its many and varied users.”

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Pictured: Steve Cartledge