Talented teenagers urged to take part in The Cotswold Challenge

By Ben Carey on 18 June, 2021

Andy Langley, CEO of technology company Ntegra, has appealed to young people to take part in The Cotswold Challenge.

The contest is aimed at young people living in and around Swindon who, had it not been for the pandemic, would have been taking their GCSEs, A-Levels or equivalent examinations in 2021.

Students are invited to take part by submitting entries across the categories of Art & Design; Creative Writing; and Innovation & Enterprise, with cash prizes of up to £500 available.

Andy Langley said, “I’m thrilled to be one of the judges of the Innovation & Enterprise category for The Cotswold Challenge 2021. 

“In our community, there are talented teenagers who may not even realise they have an idea which would work in the ‘real world’. I would encourage them all to submit their idea around creating something new, improving something or solving a problem in society or business.

“As we move further into the digital age, we are in need of so many skills in Swindon, Wiltshire and the South West. Many young people lack confidence, yet they have great ideas and they often have a refreshing perspective. My advice is to not be afraid and go for it!”

Now in its second year, the Cotswold Challenge was established by four businesses from the region: Chute Design; Allison Murray Design; Chris Roberts MBE PR and Scott Media, as a way of providing support to students set to miss out on their GCSE and A-Level exams. 

Nigel Chute of Chute Design said, “It is clear that the pandemic has had a disproportionate and negative effect on young people and this project is designed to counter that.

“We are offering young people the opportunity to share their talent and win a cash prize. The judges in each category are very successful in their fields and entering the competition could be the start of some very important relationships as these young people take their next steps in their lives.”

To inspire prospective entrants to take part, Ntegra has come up with ten considerations that could work in the Innovation & Design category.

A product/service/digital solution which:

  • is entirely new and which serves a practical purpose. 
  • brings joy and happiness to people. 
  • is based on something well known yet is improved through a modification or a modernisation. 
  • offers a way to tackle some of the UK’s big issues around sustainability, recycling, waste or climate change. 
  • solves a problem for a particular group of people for example the elderly or the very young.
  • solves a problem in a manufacturing or business process. 
  • works with renewable sources of energy. 
  • supports a business sector such as therapists.
  • supports the world of sport, offering something new or different. 


  • A well thought out idea for setting up a new business in the digital age.

Andy added, “Many teenagers may think that innovation means they have to create something entirely new, however that’s not the case. Innovation means many things. It can mean improving on something that already exists, it can mean plugging a gap in a business or manufacturing process or it can mean a business idea and a clear vision of how to make it into a reality.”

The Cotswold Challenge is open for entries until the evening of Tuesday July 6th.