Click Club aims to keep businesses in focus

By Ben Carey on 14 September, 2022

Swindon-based brand photographer Elizabeth Donovan has launched a new initiative to support businesses with their photography needs.

Click Club offers business owners professional images taken at a monthly photoshoot, allowing organisations to keep up to date with their photography for websites, marketing and social media.

There is no membership fee and businesses can attend as often as they like, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Elizabeth came up with the idea as a way of giving ambitious entrepreneurs cost-effective access to professional photography.

She said, “On websites and social media posts in particular, quality photos are really important for conveying a brand. If photography is inconsistent, whether that’s with the colours, the location, or the quality, it reflects poorly on the brand.

“With Click Club, business owners can ensure they promote their brand in a positive way, which will engage with their audiences. Because Click Club is monthly, there is always an opportunity for fresh, seasonal photos which will be consistent as well as current.”

Click Club takes place at a different venue each month, with some shoots held inside and some outdoors. The next event, on Thursday 29th September, will be outdoors in Cirencester, offering a range of backdrops ideal for businesses looking to work with clients in the Cotswolds.

Elizabeth added, “With Click Club people can come as a one-off or more regularly, whichever best suits them and their budget.

“Each Click Club session is open to up to four business owners, so there is a social element and an opportunity to network. It can also be a bit less daunting to have photos taken at the same time as other people. I encourage attendees to bring along props to help illustrate their brand. We’ve had some bringing laptops, video equipment, a megaphone, awards and even crystals.”

Click Club costs £75 per session, which covers one hour’s shoot and five professional images. For more information visit the Click Club website