Celebrating Swindon’s Heritage

By Anita Jaynes on 6 May, 2014

Swindon is home to one of the first magazines of its type in Great Britain- a magazine celebrating Swindon’s history.

Swindon Heritage Magazine is a full colour, high quality publication packed with 84 pages of insight in to the town’s history.  The magazine was launched in January 2013 by local historians Mark Sutton, Graham Carter and Frances Bevan.

The aim of the magazine is to showcase the work of the many local history groups and individual historians operating in Swindon and its surrounding towns and villages, and help them bring their work and the whole story of the town’s heritage to a wider audience, especially young people.

The magazine is a quarterly publication and is priced at £4.99 available from the Central Library, Pen and Paper book shop in Old Town, STEAM and Swindon museums the Arts Centre and other venues. You can also take out an annual subscription and get it delivered to your door free of charge.

The magazine now in its 5th edition has so far covered subjects such as a lady who collects locally produced bricks, Ordnance Survey pictures of the town in the early 1950’s, made into a talk called ‘A Man with a Stick’, Myths of the Mechanics, Swindon’s own Diana Dors and the history of music and theatre in Swindon.

This project has been a labour of love for Mark Sutton who was determined to get this plan off the ground after several years of trying. It’s great to see the magazine has become such a success story. Swindon Heritage magazine receives no outside financial assistance and survives on the generosity of contributors who so far have been unpaid, along with the goodwill of readers, advertisers and other supporters. To find out more visit www.swindonheritage.com  You can also follow them on Twitter: @SwindonHeritage

If you’re interested in advertising you can contact Andy Binks on 07968 246792 or email: ambamwas@yahoo.com