Capturing Wiltshire on camera

By Nick Batten on 29 July, 2021

Thanks to the power of LinkedIn three local firms are working together on a new project to capture Swindon and Wiltshire towns on film.

Anita Jaynes, Director at The Business Exchange shared a video made by Carlton Brunton of Salisbury-based Brunton Media which showcased Salisbury coming to life post lockdown and said, “I would love one of these with snapshots of all of Wiltshire. I’m sure if enough of us put some money in the pot it could be done. What do you think?” The post received over 800 views and one of those viewers was Daniel O’Connor, Director at Transform Digital saying he would love to be involved in the project. A few Zoom calls later Carlton, Daniel and Anita hatched a plan to make the project a reality.

Carlton and Daniel agreed reduced rates to make the project affordable for businesses and organisations to sponsor and Anita agreed to promote the project to The Business Exchange audience and her contacts.

The aim is to create a series of Wiltshire town and city videos which promote our unique business landscape, showcase the best of our area and put the spotlight on our impressive landmarks. The videos can then be shared on websites and social media to make a real buzz about the places we all live and work, to generate a sense of pride and attract interest from outside the area in terms of inward investment and tourism.

Would you like to sponsor a video to showcase your town? The price is  £2000 and will be offered to only a limited number of exclusive sponsors per town. Your company logo will be included at the end, as well as a walk past of your business and you will be mentioned on all video promo. When the Brunton Media and Transform Digital camera crews are in your town, they are also offering a reduced rate to create a short 60-90 second film of individualbusinesses priced at £600-900 depending on requirements.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a video of your town, please email for more information. See examples of Brunton Media and Transform Digital’s work via each company’s website.

Brunton Media:

Transform Digital: