Are you generating quantifiable leads from social media?

By Anita Jaynes on 8 April, 2016

There are thousands of companies leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Most spend the majority of their time creating and posting content on a daily basis. Others may place a large focus on increasing followers but how many are creating quantifiable leads from social media?

David Bolton at Corsham based Tain Brae Digital provides some actionable ways to take people from social media and convert them into leads.

Get your brand in front of people who need it

The most direct way to generate leads on social media is to promote your product directly to people who need it. If you connect a good product or service to the right audience, it will convert. Here are some easy ways to connect with potential buyers immediately on various platforms:

Facebook: Leverage advertising to laser target people who have expressed “interest” in what you offer.

Twitter: Use advanced twitter search to find people talking about their need for a specific product or service related to what you offer and start conversations with them.

Instagram: Find strong competitors, similar brands, or general social media pages that your target audience may follow and follow their followers.

LinkedIn: Join several groups on LinkedIn and be active. But the trick here isn’t just joining the obvious groups in your industry, it’s joining groups that are outside your industry that might help you grow your business.

Create downloadable content to educate your target audience

Depending on your business, heavy promotions of your product or service will not always be effective if people cannot understand the benefits of using it. For example, you can’t sell software to people who are unable to understand how the software will help them. By creating downloadable content in exchange for contact information, you can educate your target audience while fueling your email marketing and sales pipeline.

Ensure you continue to nurture your leads from Social Media

However, remember once a social media visitor becomes a lead, don’t let that lead just sit in your database without additional contact. Social media leads are more likely to open your emails and visit your site in the future, anyway, so stay in touch by setting up lead nurturing campaigns before they convert.

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