AM to PM with Tom Ward, Sandstorm

By Ben Carey on 1 November, 2022

AM to PM gives you a glimpse at the daily routine of some of our business community’s top professionals.

Tom Ward is the Founder of Sandstorm, one of the UK’s leading video production studios, located in the village of Badbury between Swindon and Marlborough.

With an impressive client list, a unique offering and a bright future, the studio is looking ahead to 2023 with optimism.

From working in the business to working on the business, he gives us a glimpse inside his daily life at Sandstorm.

What time does your alarm go off? 

Latest 5am. If I’m filming in London, 3am. If I’m training (three days a week) 4am. I like to be in the office and working by 6.30am, with a coffee in hand. 

What’s the most important part of your morning routine?

Film production is an ever-changing beast. No day is ever the same and schedules constantly change too. My essential morning routine, therefore, is to shower at work. So whether I do an early PT session or I’m heading into London, I use that time to get my head in gear and make sure my plan for the day is going to realistically fit into the schedule.

What do you do during your lunch break?

I built Director Club at Sandstorm mainly so I could get really nice lunches by the open fire when I’m at the studio! Lunch is always a working lunch, catching up on the papers and emails. I try and stick to fish and veggie options where possible too.

What do you love most about your job? 

That I have never ever had the same day twice in 22 years. There is a new challenge to overcome on every film and if it’s not a challenge to do with a project then it’s a challenge related to the business.

What’s the worst part of the job?

Zoom meetings, I genuinely could fill 16-17 hours every day with online meetings and over 80 per cent of them are a complete waste of time.

What gadget or app could you not live without?

Dark Sky weather app is pretty much essential.

What do you do after work? 

Write electronic music and work on futureproofing projects for Sandstorm – I find I don’t have time in the working day to focus on the future of the business. It’s the difference between working in and on the business.

I also enjoy cooking, and a good whisky by the fire.

Most nights it’s all of the above

If you changed direction, what would be your Plan B?

Brewing beer. Without question.