£1m investment boosts capacity and print capability at GWP

By Anita Jaynes on 2 September, 2015

Corrugated specialist GWP Packaging have invested £1m in new die cutting and pallet strapping equipment at their Wiltshire packaging facility. The investment, which will double the firm’s printing and die cutting capacity, also enables the printing of high quality four colour graphics and brings about improved security and stability of finished pallets.

The newly installed Lattitude P1630 rotary die cutter has four-colour flexographic print capability. This enables GWP to print high quality graphics and decorative detail in house, thus allowing for improved management of quality and lead times. The machine’s ceramic rollers produce a finer resolution and density of print. Sheets are transferred through the machine using a vacuum feed system to stop print tracking that often occurs with a traditional roller system. The Lattitude also ensures a far more accurate print to die cut registration than was previously achievable.

The new machinery is fast; handling 8500 sheets per hour, and has a large sheet size capacity of 3m x 1.6m.

The Emmepi PR-219 2L pallet press and strapping line automates the process for compressing and strapping pallets. This greatly improves the appearance of the finished pallet and increases stability. The space-saving nature of the new line has significantly improved workflow at the factory, moving finished pallets directly to the storage facility.

David Pedley, CEO of GWP Group said, “The strong growth that we’ve seen over the last few years has led to an increase in both the demand and the range of services our customers want. This significant investment will enable us to maintain our fast turnaround times and renowned reliability as we grow. Being able to offer four colour high quality printing in-house, and the ability to handle larger sheet sizes, will enable us to offer our customers a wider range of services and will open up new markets for us.”

Earlier this month GWP recorded their best ever sales performance since the company began 25 years ago. The business is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of specialist protective packaging products.

Pictured above: The Die Cutter at GWP Packaging