Why your property may need a new fuse box

By Anita Jaynes on 23 December, 2020

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Many older properties have what is known as a fuse board. This is a board that holds all the fuses and either a main switch for the whole property, or different switches for different sections of the property. Fuse boards are now outdated, with consumer units (fuse boxes) replacing them. If you have an older fuse board, your electrician might tell you to upgrade to a modern fuse box or consumer units. Since many people might not know why their electrician would tell them so, we are going to look at the reasons why you may need a new consumer unit.

Fire Protection

A common cause of fires in residential buildings stems from electrical faults. Many of the fires involving consumer units and fuse boards are due to faulty connections. These faulty connections can lead to overheating, thereby causing the fires. 

Newer fuse boxes have ditched combustible connection materials such as plastic and now use materials such as steel. The use of these new materials has led to a substantial decrease in incidences of electrical fires originating from consumer boxes.

Electrical Safety

One of the biggest improvements of modern consumer units over older fuse boards is that they come with what is known as a residual current device (RCD). The RCD monitors the electricity flowing through all the circuits connected to the consumer unit. If there is any fault in the connection or if someone touches a live wire in any of these circuits, the RCD will disconnect the whole circuit, thereby preventing electrocution, injury and even death.

When shopping around for a new consumer box, you should get an 18th edition consumer unit. These units contain these protections plus additional features that traditional fuse boards do not. Because they have more or less become the standard for all commercial and residential properties, companies like Expert Electrical carry 18th edition circuit protection products and consumer units from reputable brands like FuseBox. Due to their reliability, FuseBox consumer units have become a popular choice among electricians. In addition to FuseBox consumer units, Expert Electrical also carry a large selection of other circuit protection devices including consumer unit RCBOs, MCBs and Type A and Type AS RCDs. Since you can choose from different FuseBox products when replacing your FuseBox with consumer unit on their website, Expert Electrical is the perfect retailer for all electrical needs in the United Kingdom.

Additional Ways

In commercial buildings, you need enough ways to connect all the circuits in the building. Older fuse boards only contained about 10 ways, which meant that if you wanted to add a new circuit, you had to install additional fuse boards.

This is no longer the case because new consumer units now come with 10-24 ways, meaning that you can now connect as many circuits as you like without adding additional fuse boards.

Electrical connections, circuits and distributions have changed over the years and this is one of the reasons why commercial property owners should modernise the way electricity is distributed in their properties. A good way of doing this is switching from fuse boards to commercial units that provide massive benefits over the fuse boards that were used in the past.