MWE expands at Corsham site

By Ben Carey on 29 June, 2021

Medical Wire Equipment (MWE) has doubled its presence at the Leafield Industrial Estate in Corsham.

In July 2020, MWE secured a 20,000 sq ft unit with HPH Commercial Property. The company has now signed a deal on a further 20,000 sq ft of space on a 10-year lease.

Prior to Covid-19, MWE produced over 100 million medical devices each year for customers in domestic and global markets. Now, as the primary UK manufacturer of the transport devices required for Covid-19 testing, MWE has tripled production.

CEO of MWE, Andrew Broggio, said, “Our preanalytical medical device technology has seen an unprecedented surge in demand.

“With the new space leased from HPH, our increased production capability will allow us to develop resilience in the UK medical device sector with particular emphasis on UK manufactured swabs for sample collection to a level not seen before now.

“MWE produces its range of specimen collection and preanalytical devices exclusively in the UK and has an extensive network of distributors operating as partners across the globe.”

Managing Director of HPH, Lindsay Holdoway, added, “MWE has seen very significant growth owing to the pandemic and we are pleased to be able to offer property solutions and to be a part of the company’s ongoing success story.

“A year ago the demand for the products MWE provides surged and at the same time we had an occupier who was struggling in lockdown. We were able to offer the struggling company an exit which meant we could provide MWE premises to facilitate their rapid expansion.

“Since then, the company has continued to grow and HPH is pleased once again to be able to provide MWE with the high quality commercial space it needs for its continued success.”