How to optimise entrance security in your business

By Anita Jaynes on 17 December, 2020

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While it’s good for you to trade with a welcoming attitude, sometimes you need to keep people away from your business just as much! 

Unfortunately, business break-ins are from a rarity. In 2016, reports surfaced of Black Country businesses being repeatedly targeted by thieves, with the fallout pushing companies to the brink of destruction. The police were blamed plentifully, and tensions were high across the board. 

Of course, it’s understandable for you to have your share of concerns if you’re an entrepreneur. But how can you take matters into your own hands?

If you’re interested in optimising your business’s entrance security, then read on, and we’ll explain. 

Expert Intervention       

From well-trained security guards to their equally as disciplined guard dogs, ANPR solutions to CCTV, you’ll have access to an array of security services from First Response Group. They’re the leading multi-service and security provider in the UK to public and private sector clients. They can help you meet regulatory requirements, or take things a step further, using innovative techniques and technologies to help keep your business secure. 

Optimising security can be a significant financial investment, and every firm has different needs that need to be fully met. There are no half measures when it comes to protecting livelihoods, so working with the right security experts is important.  

Implement ANPR Systems

It’s not enough to chain up an entry gate or secure entry doors with a lock and key only. 

Today, tech drives the world, and the same is true in entrance security. This is where ANPR controls, or Automatic Numberplate Recognition controls, come into play. Through the installation of highly specialised cameras, vehicle numberplates can be clearly read, and criminal activity sufficiently recorded also. They use infrared lighting also, so the time of day does not affect the image quality. After that, the footage of any illegal activity can be sent to police and insurers, showing irrefutable evidence of damages and criminality. 

Additionally, ANPR systems can also be used to control gate and barrier access remotely. Because of their versatility, they’re a staple of business entrance security, providing a broad digital overview of everything occurring at the gates. Surveillance is highly optimised, and nothing will escape your notice. 

Train Your Staff

You no doubt have many hardworking people you employ, but do they know how to look out for your business beyond the immediate confines of their assigned role?

If employees can stay alert and vigilant, entrance security can be greatly improved. For example, if someone arrives at the building and asks to enter, that visitor should be cleared and monitored during their stay. If your staff can be sufficiently trained at scheduling guest’s arrivals, keeping an eye on waiting room areas, and authenticating the sudden appearance of any visitors, then it greatly reduces the chances of unwelcome visitors slipping through the cracks and gaining access to the firm.