GivenGain – the not for profit fundraising platform

By Ben Carey on 20 October, 2023

GivenGain is a charitable giving platform operating as a not-for-profit.

At a time when charitable giving is more important that ever, we chatted to the organisation’s Head of New Business, Will Irwin, to find out more about the platform and how it is helping charities.

What is GivenGain?

GivenGain is the not-for-profit alternative to platforms like JustGiving. 

How does it differ to other giving platforms?

We’re a Foundation ourselves which is very unique. It means that 100% of the donations that fundraisers collect are going to the right places, without subscription fees being charged to charities. We’re also launching new features such as the ability to raise money for more than one charity on a page, which is perfect for companies that support multiple causes, or want to give colleagues a choice.

Where did it begin?

In South Africa, back in 2001. Founded by two brothers, philanthropists at heart, they wanted to use their expertise in tech for good. It all started when one wanted to donate to someone in a different country, which back then was hard to do without incurring big international fees. The idea of GivenGain was born with the aim of enabling global philanthropy. Fast forward 22 years and we’ve helped raise hundreds of millions of pounds in no less than 102 countries. 

What are the ambitions for the organisation?

We want to be the number one giving platform in the UK, spreading the word that there is a better, more ethical way to support the causes you care about. With a platform update and new brand launch incoming, fundraisers will have access to cutting edge technology to help them tell their stories. When you set up a fundraising page elsewhere, it’s forgotten about and even deleted a year later. Our ambition is to enable people to create their own, lasting fundraising profiles which represents exactly the difference they’re making.

What key charities/ partners are you working with in the UK?

We partner with some of the biggest organisations globally, including the Boston Marathon and charities like WWF and UNICEF. In the UK, we’ve already onboarded leading charities like Alzheimer’s Research UK, Muscular Dystrophy UK and Comic Relief. We’ve also recently launched a partnership with the Cambridge Half Marathon. 

How can charities, businesses and individuals find out more?

Please visit GivenGain UK, or reach out to me directly at If you happen to be doing the London Marathon next year, we’ll donate £50 to your page once you hit £500. Simply set up your page here.

What attracted you to working for GivenGain?

The people! I had that gut feeling that this was an organisation you can be really proud to represent. I also loved the challenge of taking on some big corporate competitors, in the knowledge that we genuinely have a chance to divert tens of millions of pounds from shareholders’ pockets back into the causes that so desperately need our support.