You’ve bought data for a marketing campaign – now what?

By Anita Jaynes on 14 November, 2015

Lou Johnson is CEO of BlueSky Revenue Generation, a telemarketing company that works with progressive entrepreneurs and business owners turning prospects into opportunities. Bluesky is a conduit between marketing efforts and sales-pipeline closures; simply put, they find business in the follow-up and help to grow your business.

Lou is sharing a series of blogs based on her forthcoming book ‘It’s in the Follow Up’.

You’re focusing on growing your business and converting new clients. So you’ve bought a generic list of businesses and you are limbering up to make the calls.

Now, unless you’re an enormous multi-national with money to throw at banks of telesales clerks, the likelihood is that you have a small sales team. The ratio of calls to staff is going to be quite high, but you’re sure it’s doable. You’ve promised them cake.

Alternatively, your sales team might just be YOU. In which case there is no ratio. You’ve got the lot. And no time for cake.

You know it’s going to be a hard slog – but that’s what cold-calling is about isn’t it? No pain, no gain.

The first hour goes OK. You’ve made 30 calls. Spoken to 28 gatekeepers – 4 of whom were for companies you didn’t think you’d contacted! And got 2 “numbers not recognised”. Of the 24 companies you did reach successfully only two took your details and promised to pass them on.

The second hour is more of the same. You’re starting to get tired. But this list is pages long. Maybe you should try picking out names you like and going for them. Perhaps if you called the top 10 off each page that would mix it up a bit?

By hour 4 you’re considering taking a lunch break. Then during the post lunch slump you’re thinking that you’d be better using your time for the rest of the afternoon to do a bit more market research, then pick out the companies who seem to look the friendliest.

By close of play you’ve made 10 more calls. But you’re really getting tired of the sound of your own voice. Anyway, there’s always tomorrow…

The following day you procrastinate. You end up spending your first hour surfing the net looking for cold-calling tips. At last you find a piece on EzineArticles circa 2006 and it gives you the following six great tips…

  1. Chunk down your list into groups of 15 prospects.
  2. Get their postal addresses
  3. Do your homework on each one to identify what their proposition is – and how you can add the most value.
  4. Craft a personal letter addressing exactly what value you can add to their business.
  5. Follow up with a phone call.

OK? OoooKaaay.

This is still going to take you ages. Plus you’ve got stamps to pay for now too. And if you listen to the latest direct marketing gurus they’re all telling you to make your mail ‘lumpy’ – which means the added cost of a novelty widget in each envelope as well.

There is an easier way.

Keep visiting the TBE website to check out our next blog on list creation to find out what it is!

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