Youth Adventure Trust calls for business support

By Anita Jaynes on 24 March, 2016

The Youth Adventure Trust is Swindon and Wiltshire’s youth development charity working with vulnerable and disadvantaged 11–14 year olds.

Outdoor adventure can have a massive impact on somebody’s life. The positive effects of challenging yourself, learning to trust others and working as part of a team are immeasurable. The young people the Trust work with are unlikely to ever have those opportunities unless they make it possible.

Many of the children on their three year programme are struggling at school, are unable to fit in, have no positive role model, no aspirations, or chaotic and unstable home lives. They could be young carers looking after a close family member, in foster care, on the brink of getting an ASBO or being excluded from school.

Youth Adventure Trust use outdoor adventure to inspire the children and give them the hope, confidence and skills to face the challenges in their daily lives. They help them to discover their potential and exceed their expectations.

There are many ways local businesses can support the Trust. They are currently looking for teams of 4-6 walkers to join their 10 Peaks Challenge 2016 on Saturday June 11. The challenge includes a 34km hike (1695m ascent) in the Breacon Beacons. There is no entry fee, but teams are asked to raise £1,500 for the Youth Adventure Trust.

Their experienced team will help you every step of the way with your training, fundraising and event preparations. They will also help you celebrate with an after party and awards ceremony, a well-earnt meal and dancing for those whose feet aren’t too tired.

On July 16 the Trust is hosting a Wild Night Out in connection with Explorers – Connect and are inviting people to have their own adventure. Ideas include sleeping under the stars, a night hike or a wild swim with all the proceeds going to the charity.

To register your team for the 10 Peaks Challenge or to find out more about Wild Night Out and other events organised by the Trust call Louise Bird on 07904 037525 or email: