Workplace Wellness adapts to Covid

By Anita Jaynes on 5 May, 2020

Occupational health business, Workplace Wellness, is responding to the changing needs of the businesses it serves since the Covid-19 emergency started.

The company, which provides occupational medical and nursing expertise for clients throughout the South West, has seen a change in the nature of enquiries from its customers amid the pandemic.

Dr James Heffer from Workplace Wellness explained, “The first call on our services has been to respond to the need for quick, informed and reliable information, stating which workers are able to attend the workplace and the restrictions imposed on households when infection occurs. 

“The response is a short Covid related consultation by telephone with employees covering all relevant medical aspects, followed by an email to HR. Companies are very appreciative of this facility.

“The second call is to extend our ability to consult remotely.  We were already carrying out telephone consultations but have now extended this to audio-visual consultations via the Starleaf video link.  This system has exceeded our expectations and we are able to assess a wider range of conditions than we had originally planned.

“The third call is to support companies with health, and particularly mental health, issues. We currently offer first aid mental health training and a package for managers covering common mental health conditions.”

Whilst a way out of the pandemic is not yet clear cut, Workplace Wellness believes there will be a profound and lasting change in working practices.

Dr Heffer added, “The Covid emergency has drawn attention to the crucial importance of maintaining employee health and wellbeing in the business world.  We aim to be excellently placed to respond to the new and changing needs of clients in the future.”

Workplace Wellness is based in Bradford-on-Avon. Find out more about the company at

Pictured: Fiona Tees and James Heffer from Workplace Wellness