Workplace culture in focus as The Breakfast Exchange returns to Wiltshire

By Aaron Sims on 11 December, 2023

Building a strong business culture was the topic of conversation for the latest Breakfast Exchange event in Malmesbury.

Co-organised by The Business Exchange, Thrings Solicitors and accountants Richardson Swift, the latest breakfast event focused on the importance of workplace culture in relation to success, with representatives from organisations across the Swindon and Wiltshire region in attendance to hear from the panel.

Returning to The Old Bell in Malmesbury on Wednesday, 6th December, the panel was chaired by Anita Jaynes, Founder of The Business Exchange, with the panel’s guests Andy Cuff, Founder and CEO of Computer Network Defence, and Duncan Game, Managing Director and owner of Industrial Electronic Wiring Ltd, discussing the trends they have seen in recent years relating to how a working environment can help motivate a successful workforce.

Andy Cuff, Founder and CEO of Computer Network Defence, said, “It was great to be a part of today’s panel and engage in what was a very frank discussion. Businesses are constantly being driven to provide inclusive working environments that lift up their staff, especially when the work can be stressful, so to discuss this with like minds today was a positive experience.”

Duncan Game, Managing Director and owner of Industrial Electronic Wiring Ltd, added, “Wellbeing has also become a driving factor for establishing a successful culture and businesses need to ensure it reflects the structure of the business. An employer’s willingness to invest in the wellbeing of their employees and to commit to boosting morale in the workplace will have a significant impact on their ability to not only recruit the best people, but to then retain them.”

Joining the panel were Thrings Partner and Head of Employment Kerrie Hunt and Debbie Boulton, Richardson Swift Managing Director, who brought their expertise on how company finances, grievances and other issues can impact working environments.

Debbie Boulton, Chartered Accountant and Managing Director of Richardson Swift, said, “Balancing the finances of employment and ensuring businesses have the right staffing levels are constant concerns for senior leadership and are always a factor in the success of a workplace culture. Today’s panel discussion on the importance of how a working environment can be a powerful driver for people to stay in their roles was really insightful.”

Kerrie Hunt, Head of the Thrings Employment team, added, “Finding the balance between employees’ expectations of their workplace and what the company can deliver needn’t be tough if there is good communication at all levels and, by instilling a positive working environment, employers can cultivate a culture that not only empowers current staff but makes the firm more attractive to prospective recruits. It was great to get the views on this from a range of the region’s business leaders at today’s event as well as bring a legal perspective to the panel.”

Anita Jaynes, Founder of The Business Exchange, said, “We were delighted to have everyone turn out for our first Breakfast Exchange event in Wiltshire since The Business Exchange celebrated its 10-year anniversary. With the working landscape having been so dramatically changed since the pandemic, culture has never been a more important factor for what makes a business a success and it was fascinating to hear from our speakers and learn from their valuable experience. A massive thank you to everyone who joined us.”

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Pictured above from left to right: Andy Cuff, CEO, CND, Debbie Boulton, Managing Director, Richardson Swift, Duncan Game, Managing Director, Industrial Electronic Wiring Ltd and Kerrie Hunt, Head of the Thrings Employment team.