Work on Swindon’s former Honda site scheduled to begin this month

By Nick Batten on 11 February, 2024

The demolition of the ex-Honda factory in Swindon is set to begin this month after planning permission was granted by Swindon Borough Council.

The £700m redevelopment of the South Marston site will include 11 buildings which can be used as manufacturing sites or warehouses.

The developer, Panattoni, expects the project to generate 7,000 jobs with the addition of a further 5,000 spin-off roles. It will add £295m each year to the local economy.

The Honda car plant closed in 2021 having made 3.7 million cars during its 36 years in the town.

Following the closure, the factory and adjacent former airfield were acquired by Panattoni, renowned for constructing the town’s Amazon fulfillment center and specializing in premium distribution hubs.

The formal decision notice to approve the creation of an industrial park on the site was issued in December 2023. 

It means the final agreements are now all signed off between developers Panattoni and Swindon Borough Council.

It is understood that around £7.5m will be spent on improvements to the immediate area and the borough as a whole, including 50 sites, to offset the damage redeveloping the former airfield will do to the local ecology.

Although no tenants have been announced, Panattoni is already marketing the site, which it calls Panattoni Park.

A spokesperson confirmed that there will be more updates on the site in the coming months.

Pictured above: The redevelopment will create thousands of jobs according to developer Panattoni