Wiltshire’s Sandler trainer Roger Plahay invites business owners to improve sales performance

By Anita Jaynes on 25 November, 2014

Business owners and sales managers are invited to attend two events in December run by Wiltshire’s Sandler Training expert Roger Plahay.

Roger, who runs his business on the White Horse Business Park, Trowbridge, is hosting a day-long workshop in How To Hire Sales Winners and a two-day bootcamp on Sales Development.

He said: “The aim of the events is to equip many of the B2B businesses with the structure and resources to ensure 2015 is a significant growth year for them.

“All too often, I hear from frustrated management teams and business owners they had salespeople in the interview, but their new recruits  are taking too long to get up to speed or just underperform – it can be an expensive mistake. “My  How To Hire Sales Winners workshop equips businesses with a structured proven process to identify and recruit salespeople who will perform well in their business.”

The two-day bootcamp is an intensive programme where delegates will be introduced to a systematic, structured approach to selling more effectively.  It will help them be more productive and avoid scenarios where they:

  • struggle to get decisions from prospects.
  • invest too much time and energy with ‘time-wasters’
  • give away unpaid consulting.

Roger said: “It’s not for everyone – but for those who want to be more effective without going for the hard sell.”

How To Hire Sales Winners takes place on Thursday December 11 from 9.30am to 4pm (www.westcountry.sandler.com/HireSalesWinners).

The Two-Day Sales Bootcamp takes place over Wednesday December 17 and Thursday December 18 from 8.30am to 5pm (www.westcountry.sandler.com/bootcamp).

For details visit www.westcountry.sandler.com or call Roger Plahay on 01225 690961.

Pictured above Roger Plahay of Sandler Training