Wiltshire Women Mean Business

By Anita Jaynes on 2 October, 2015

Throughout October The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire is celebrating women in business in the county.

This is the main theme of the latest edition of the magazine which profiles a number of successful women such as Julia Davenport, CEO of Chippenham based Good Energy, Amanda Newbery, chair of Salisbury Business Improvement District (BID), Alison Edgar, managing director of Sales Coaching Solutions and Emma Summers, founder of Juice Recruitment. To read the online version of the magazine click here

We couldn’t find space to profile all of the women we wanted to in print, so throughout the month we will be profiling further women online.

The first in the series is Linda Boss, a partner with Monahans accountants. Linda advises a range of commercial clients as well as academy schools and charities. She says while the accounting industry has traditionally tended to attract more men then women, in her experience women are welcomed and often bring a fresh perspective to the role.

“I’ve always found that my contribution has been valued both by male colleagues and by clients,” said Linda.

“In some of the sectors I specialise in, I suspect that the fact that I am a woman may be an advantage to some clients. For example, charities and academies can have a range of people who are all working for the greater good of their organisation, but who may each, for very good reason, have very different agendas – a board of trustees, a chief executive and senior team, perhaps some volunteers. The dynamics can be quite complex, and it takes strong emotional intelligence and people skills, as well as accounting expertise, to translate those various aspirations into whatever suits the organisation the best. Of course, many men are well equipped for this as well, but generally I’ve found that women tend to be especially adept at helping these different parties reach a consensus.”

Linda believes that some of the professions – accounting, law and general medical practice – are seeing fewer women coming up through the ranks to become partners  than might be expected, and that there are strong opportunities for those with the talent and qualifications to succeed.

“My advice to a younger woman embarking on her professional career would be to choose a specialist area that you are really interested in, no matter what field you are in. It doesn’t mean you have to work in that area exclusively, but you will be in demand and you’ll enjoy your work,” says Linda.

“But equally importantly, be yourself. You don’t need to be aggressive to get on – if you have strong interpersonal skills you will be a real asset in building relationships with clients, and that will count for a lot.”

Pictured above: Linda Boss, partner at Monahans