Wiltshire tech to feature in Hollywood blockbuster

By Ben Carey on 6 May, 2022

A next-generation aircraft with Wiltshire connections will be featured in an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Sandra Bullock, The Lost City features the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet – a project being developed in part by Salisbury firm Callen-Lenz.

The company has been helping develop the aircraft which may soon be making its way to the consumer market, with air taxis and personal business jets used for short flights. 

Piers Hankinson, Business Development Director at Callen-Lenz, said, “To see the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet coming to life in a Hollywood film is fantastic; the innovation behind the scenes is even more impressive! 

 “Our team is enjoying working on the vertical take-off and landing system and flight controls for the Pegasus, making the flight experience viable, smoother and safer. 

 “I’m certain that the research and development that we [Callen-Lenz] and Pegasus Universal Aerospace and our other partners have done over the past 12 months will lead to further ground-breaking aerospace innovations in the years to come.” 

The jet’s development, labelled Project NOMAD, is being co-funded by the UK Government and hopes to provide a boost to innovative aerospace technology.