Wiltshire husband & wife team expand their weight management business

By Anita Jaynes on 1 September, 2014

Business couple Chris and Jackie Beckett are expanding their successful Wiltshire Cambridge Weight Plan consultancy by opening a new central hub in Bristol.

The couple have opened an office in Maxet House, 28 Baldwin Street to support people who want to manage their weight and receive one-to-one guidance. Jackie has worked with Cambridge Weight Plan for eight years and is one of the top performing consultants in the country. She runs an established team in Wiltshire.

Recently husband Chris joined the business to work alongside Jackie and they are now offering a service to people who live or work in Bristol city centre.

Chris said: “Many people have busy lives with busy day jobs and we can offer support before work, during a client’s lunch hour or immediately after work. This office offers privacy for one-to-one consultations where we can give guidance and encouragement as they seek to lead a healthier life.”

Cambridge Weight Plan has come a long way during its 30-year history.  Each client is now taken through an initial consultation to create a tailored weight plan for long term, sustainable weight loss. This will be based upon their life style, health issues, their budget and their expectations and wishes.

Jackie said: “I’ve supported men and women who want to lose anything from one stone to 12 stones. I’ve seen lives changed beyond recognition. People tend to think Cambridge is all about milkshakes whereas it can be as much about conventional food plus changing set eating habits. 

To find out more about Jackie & Chris’s Cambridge business Jackie can be contacted on 07818 094352.