Wiltshire housebuilder ploughs £17m into the community

By Nick Batten on 11 January, 2024

Barratt Developments, which includes Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes with sites across Wiltshire, has injected £17.1m into community contributions and built more than 2,000 properties in its West region during the last financial year, contributing more than £401m to the UK’s economic output.

The achievements are highlighted in a new report which measures the housebuilders’ social and economic footprint during 2023, and includes: 

  • Creation of more than 110 hectares of green space – the equivalent of 158 football pitches 
  • 636 new school places 
  • 620 affordable homes 
  • £325,000 to charity including company donations, employee fundraising and supplier sponsorship, made directly or via the Barratt Foundation 
  • 1,113 employee volunteering hours 
  • 258 swift nesting boxes for developments as part of the housebuilders’ biodiversity commitment 
  • £17.1m worth of local contributions including s106 and equivalent contributions such as the Community Infrastructure Levy 
  • 68 new graduates, apprentices and trainees, contributing an estimated £700,000 to the wider economy 
  • £92m on physical works such as highway and environmental improvements, affordable homes and facilities to benefit local communities 
  • Created 5579 direct, indirect and induced jobs, an equivalent of 2.7 jobs per dwelling 
  • 99% of homes have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) ‘A’ or ‘B’ rating which measures the energy efficiency of homes on a scale of A to G 
  • Supported 818 sub-contractor or supplier companies to create local employment opportunities and resulting in a total spend of £405m 
An infographic providing an illustration of the social and economic contribution made by the Barratt Group to people, places and nature for the financial year 2023

Louise Ware, Sales Director for Barratt David Wilson Homes South West, said, “In 2013, Barratt Developments pioneered the first economic footprint report among housebuilders. A decade later, our commitment remains unwavering as we continue to make significant contributions to society, the UK economy and the local communities where our developments thrive.” 

Andrea Pilgrim, Sales Director for Barratt Homes Bristol, said, “Ensuring transparency regarding our social and economic impact is one of our top priorities. We’ve consistently viewed ourselves as more than just a housebuilder and we hope that these statistics underscore our broader contributions.” 

Concluding, Nicki Reid, Sales Director at Barratt David Wilson Homes Exeter, added, “These results speak volumes and evidence that we’re creating lasting legacies and our tangible benefits resonate far beyond bricks and mortar.” 

Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes are currently building at developments across Wiltshire including at Hunters Wood in Melksham and Orchards View and Orchards Rise at Wichelstowe, Swindon.

For further information visit: barratthomes.co.uk or www.dwh.co.uk

For full details of the methodology used in the report please see: barrattdevelopments.co.uk/building-sustainably/our-publications-and-policies/publications