Wiltshire Expert in Childhood Trauma hosts screenings of ground-breaking documentary about childhood trauma

By Anita Jaynes on 21 May, 2017

Jane Evans, a leading expert in how parenting and child development are impacted by early trauma, is hosting the South West screenings of the documentary Resilience – the Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope.

Jane, who lives in Sutton Benger, near Chippenham was invited to lead the screening of the film – directed and co-produced by James Redford – across the South West and South Wales during May and June.

Jane has increasingly been recognised for her revolutionary work in highlighting the links between childhood trauma, the brain and the need to develop a better understanding children’s behaviour.

“This film has been a long time coming,” Jane said. “I’m proud to be asked to be one of a small number of experts to present it to the public in the UK. It explores emerging research which shows statistically children who suffer trauma in childhood are more likely to be chronically stressed in their bodies and brains by daily life, with far-reaching consequences. They are more likely to suffer from conditions such as depression, alcoholism, substance abuse and much more.

“We need to start recognising this and as a society to be doing something about it.”

Resilience is a film produced by James Redford, the son of Hollywood actor and director Robert Redford, and Karen Pritzer.

Resilience is being distributed outside of the normal routes and is aimed at those who are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of children – or those adults who recognise some of its core themes. There is a screening in Cardiff next week (May 22) one in June in Bristol which is already sold out and a further one planned in Bath.

In the documentary, doctors and scientists explore research which suggests the brain has chemical markers which show people who suffer trauma in childhood will react differently to stress as they get older.

Jane travels the UK and overseas talking about her work around parenting of traumatised children. She was an expert on the Channel 5 tv series My Violent Child and has also been a TEDx speaker on the subject. She’s published four books for very young children which gently look at difficult subjects such as domestic violence in the home, emotional neglect and mental health issues.

To find about more about Jane and her work visit www.thejaneevans.com