Wiltshire business takes unusual route to raise money for charity-via its toilets

By Anita Jaynes on 28 July, 2015

Wiltshire’s premier provider of business offices, Openit, has decided to take its corporate social responsibility to a new level – by sponsoring its own toilets to build loos for the poor overseas.

Openit, which runs serviced offices across the county, has teamed up with the charity Toilet Twinning which raises funds to enable people living in some of the poorest communities to have clean water, a decent toilet and to learn about hygiene.

For a £60 donation, a company – or individual – can twin a toilet with a latrine in countries from Afghanistan to Zambia.

David Brown, managing director of Openit, which has its base at Avonbridge House, Chippenham, said: “We take our toilets here in the UK for granted and therefore we can easily forget the consequences of not having good sanitation.

“Other countries do not have that kind of heritage and therefore they suffer more disease, higher infant mortality and, for us at Openit, it’s good to know we may have helped in a small way. Personally I feel we have a social responsibility to help those who are less fortunate.”

It’s estimated about 2.5 billion people,  more than a third of the world’s population, don’t have somewhere safe, clean and hygienic to go to the loo.

Nearly one in five child deaths each year is due to diarrhoea.  One in 11 children in sub-Saharan Africa doesn’t make their fifth birthday. More than 1,400 children under five die every day due to unclean water and poor sanitation.

The charity Toilet Twinning celebrates its fifth anniversary year. To date it has twinned 35,000 toilets in 41 countries– helping more than 210,000 people to have access to clean water, proper latrines and hygiene education.

Openit specialises in providing high quality business accommodation. It has centres in several Wiltshire towns including Chippenham, Corsham and Royal Wootton Bassett. The company also provides facilities management and disaster recovery services.

For more details visit www.openituk.com