Wiltshire artisan ice cream shop celebrates second birthday

By Nick Batten on 8 July, 2019

The team behind ice cream specialist Rays Ice Cream is celebrating its second anniversary in Royal Wootton Bassett.

Owner Hadi Brooks and her team opened their shop in the summer of 2017 in Potters Walk, just behind Boots at 134 High Street. In addition to celebrating the shop’s second birthday, the company has also been re-inspected for food hygiene and awarded five stars.

Hadi said, “It’s fantastic to celebrate two years in Royal Wootton Bassett. My thanks to Claire Brice and the team for their hard work and our customers for supporting our locally made ice cream.”

The shop is run by Claire, a former student of Royal Wootton Bassett Academy who added, “I can’t believe it’s been two years already; the time has really flown by. I’ve got to know some of our regular customers so well and really enjoy seeing new customers taste our ice cream for the first time – they can’t believe how lovely it is.”

Made in Wiltshire, the artisan ice cream brand now has a commercial kitchen in Westmead in Swindon and is growing in popularity due to its ingredients including local whole milk and double cream with no cheap fillers.

The ice cream is made in small batches and churned slowly for a short amount of time – so it’s not full of air. Adding some air is an essential part of the ice cream making process – it stops it becoming rock hard. Many brands have as much as 70 per cent air in their products. Rays Ice Cream has on average 12 per cent air.

The team can make up to 150 flavours of ice cream, including gluten-free and vegan flavours. There is even a dog-friendly version. For the wholesale market, they can offer up to 35 flavours.

For more information on Rays Ice Cream visit www.RaysIceCream.co.uk

Pictured above: Claire Brice, Manager of Rays Ice Cream