Who ya gonna call?

By Anita Jaynes on 7 August, 2015

Smartphones now first for connecting online – but who helps when you can’t get connected?

News from Ofcom that for the first time, smartphones have overtaken laptops for connecting online in the UK, firmly brings troubleshooting responsibility into question, according to a leading managed service provider.

Award-winning Excalibur Communications says that with two thirds of people now owning a smartphone (up from 39 per cent in 2012), the increasing number of users need to ask themselves who they are going to call if their data isn’t working properly?

James Phipps, Excalibur’s CEO said:  “If you have no internet and no email, are you going to call your network provider or is it a problem with the hardware?  Should it be your connectivity provider back at the office or your IT infrastructure provider?  It can be extremely complicated, and whether it be a smartphone, tablet or larger device, the principle is the same.”

James added:  “You may have made your purchase on the basis of a SIM card only.  What then?  It can be a tricky decision, and even when you do know where to go, you may not get the speed or the level of service that you require to get your important data back working as quickly as possible.  At Excalibur we know how vital it is to the well being of a business to have its data working properly, which is why we remove the hassle by taking responsibility for all mobile, data and connectivity needs. One port of call removes those costly, infuriating headaches.”

To find out more about Excalibur visit: www.ex-c.co.uk

Pictured above: James Phipps, CEO of Excalibur