We can all do our bit to help slow climate change, Gloucestershire businesses told

By Anita Jaynes on 3 March, 2016

Climate change needs to be curbed, and everyone has a part to play. That was the message to Gloucestershire networking group Rekindle, at a meeting in Cirencester addressed by leading authority on global warming Sir Crispin Tickell.

Some 50 businesses gathered at the regular, monthly meeting to listen to Sir Crispin, who was among the first to identify the dangers of human-induced global climate changes, publishing his book Climatic Change and World Affairs in 1977.

“We hear climate change in the news every day, particularly since the summit in Paris in December, but people talk about climate change without knowing much about it, because it is immensely complicated,” he said.

“We have had many disasters over the centuries and climate change has always played a part. We have heatwaves in some parts of the world, areas being drowned in water in others, melting icecaps; we have to take action soon and everybody has a contribution to make.”

Sir Crispin said global warming impacted every area of life, with energy prices being among the most obvious indicators. He urged people to contact their MPs to encourage them to keep climate change on the political agenda.

Rekindle founder, Virginia Stourton, said she was delighted with the talk, and has asked Sir Crispin, who lives in the Cotswolds, to speak at a future meeting, on biodiversity.

She said: “We need to show that Rekindle is responsible and aware of world changes. Even though we are a small identity in a big area we care about these issues.”

Rekindle meets every month at the Stratton House Hotel for lunch and networking, from 11.30am to 2pm. The next meeting is on March 23. It is free for members, £10 for non-members, and all are welcome. To book visit www.rekindlethespirit.co.uk/events.

Rekindle aims to help connect mature professional businessmen and women with owners of small businesses in a friendly, business atmosphere, and has some 50 to 60 attendees at each meeting.

Pictured above: Rekindle founder Virginia Stourton with speaker Sir Crispin Tickell.