Waste efficiency innovation scoops top prize in Hill Group’s ‘Move to Improve’ scheme

By Nick Batten on 28 September, 2017

An idea which has “helped to improve efficiency” of a household-waste disposal machine has scooped the top prize in The Hills Group ‘Move to Improve’ awards.

The winning idea for 2016/17 came from Chris Wheeler, a shift supervisor at Hills’ Northacre Resource Recovery Centre (Northacre RRC) in Westbury, who received a £600 voucher. Chris’ idea of adding metal rings to the outside of the trommel, which separates household waste into oversize and undersize fragments, has, according to Hills, helped reduce the required daily cleaning time for the trommel from three hours a day to just 15 minutes – which Hills claims is a “91% improvement in efficiency.”

Talking about his idea, Chris Wheeler said, “I realised that adding an extended ring on the back of the trommel sections would prevent material from attaching itself and blocking the holes. I’m really pleased it’s proving so effective.”

Paul Scriven, the plant manager for Northacre RRC, explained, “Employee welfare and safety is paramount and Chris’ excellent suggestion makes it easier to carry out the daily task of cleaning the trommel and improves the operational efficiency of the plant. It’s a win-win.”

Since the ‘Move to Improve’ incentive scheme started in 2011, Hills Group employees have submitted nearly 650 ideas which have helped reduce waste, improve business efficiency and provide better customer service.

Mike Hill, chief executive of Hills Group, added, “The Move to Improve scheme has been a great success and shows that our employees welcome the opportunity to engage with us and suggest improvements for our business.”