Wasdell opens new pharmacy creating 30 jobs in Swindon

By Anita Jaynes on 13 December, 2019

Pharmaceutical and health product specialist company Wasdell are creating 30 brand new roles after securing a contract to supply medicines and dietary supplements direct to patients and consumers.

Wasdell, which has its head office at Blagrove, Swindon, is currently recruiting for a range of roles, including two qualified pharmacists, to fulfil its contract with a major health care company from its Groundwell estate premises.

The contract includes the packing and distribution of pharmacy medicines – that is, drugs that can be bought without a prescription but can only be sold by a pharmacy when a pharmacist must be present to make or supervise the sale. Such drugs include painkillers that contain codeine, which can lead to addiction if used for too long, and some nasal decongestants that can raise blood pressure and so could be harmful to patients suffering from hypertension.

Daniel Tedham, managing director of the Wasdell Group, said that there is a growing trend for people to order pharmacy medicines and nutritional supplements directly from the manufacturers, and that Wasdell won the contract as a result of its reputation for efficiency and ability to respond to customer demand, and for its commitment to developing packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable.

“Personalised medication is very much the way forward within the pharmaceutical industry,” said Daniel.

“There is a national drive to get products directly to consumers and patients, and we are delighted to make an important contribution to that process. We are also very pleased to be working with a partner who takes pride in the fact that all their products are made in Britain, and who require their packaging to be environmentally friendly, and choose paper-based protection rather than bubble wrap.”

The new contract will begin operating before the end of 2019.

Pictured above: Wasdell Group Validation Manager Ayo Sotannde with sample serialised packages that help protect the general public against counterfeit pharmaceuticals.