Wiltshire solar farm capable of powering 5,000 homes

By Ben Carey on 27 April, 2022

Construction has started on Centrica’s new solar farm near Warminster, the first step in the company’s ambitious solar portfolio.

The 18MW Codford Solar Farm was acquired in 2021 and received Centrica investment approval in December, with completion expected this summer.

In late 2021, Centrica Business Solutions announced ambitions to deliver 900MW of solar and battery storage by 2026. Codford will be the first solar farm completed as part of those aims.

Once complete, the 72-acre site will be capable of powering some 4,850 homes. 

Andrew Murrison, MP for South West Wiltshire, said, “Renewables are an important element of the drive to net zero, reducing the UK’s reliance on geopolitically challenging parts of the world, promoting self-sufficiency and advancing the economy.” 

Bill Rees, Director of Centrica Energy Assets, added, “Centrica has committed to reaching Net Zero by 2045 and this marks a key milestone in the company’s drive to tackle the effects of climate change. We must make full use of the natural resources available to us in order to deliver a clean, green, renewable energy future for the UK.”

Push Energy is building the solar farm alongside Centrica. Chief Commercial Officer, Amit Oza, said, “Push is pleased to be delivering the Codford Solar Farm for Centrica as it embarks on its ambitious solar generation plans. This project is an example of the partnership between the two companies in action as we work together to develop, build and operate new solar capacity at scale.”

Pictured (left to right): Amit Oza, Chief Commercial Officer, Push Energy ; Josh Stratton, Landowner ; Andrew Murrison, MP ; Bill Rees, Director of Centrica Energy Assets.