Vocacio prove they are ahead of the recruitment game

By Anita Jaynes on 10 November, 2020

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For many UK companies a sudden requirement to move to video communication has forced them to quickly re-establish their working processes. For South West-based recruiters Vocacio, being a video led business was always part of their business strategy.

Founder John Blackburn had already grown tired of the outdated, environmentally unfriendly, and costly traditional recruitment model. Even before the pandemic hit. John has 11 years of experience in recruitment and, from his early days in the business, started gathering ideas for how he would operate his own specialist company. John took advantage of the pandemic shut down and accelerated the company rebrand and restructure.

“Video was always part of our plan. When the pandemic hit, we already had the advantage of already having many of our processes in the pipeline. Everything we do is video-first, which means that at every stage of recruitment, personality and team culture can be accounted for. The right people end up in the right places – and everyone benefits.”

For John Blackburn, one of his main drivers for creating this video led business is carbon footprint. An expert at recruiting into the manufacturing industry, John is aware of the cost on the environment that the manufacturing industry has traditionally had.

“We are committed to creating a carbon neutral business and we are keen to work with other sustainable companies in the manufacturing sector. We know that our services reduce paperwork, time and travel costs for clients and candidates and it also means we can do some good in the world. If there is one thing good to come out of the current pandemic, it is that the world has slowed down, and people are travelling less and rushing around less. This has had such a positive impact on the environment. As the world recovers from the pandemic, we want to do our share of protecting the planet. “

You can find out more information about Vocacio and their processes by following John Blackburn on LinkedIn.