Virtual business experts launch a follow-up service for exhausted entrepreneurs

By Fiona Scott on 26 January, 2023

Claire Brewerton and her team at the Wiltshire-based Virtual Business Centre have launched a ‘follow up’ service for busy business owners who struggle to return phone calls or keep on top of inquiries. 

“It’s a real issue for many business owners, particularly solo entrepreneurs, who have to fulfil every role within their own enterprise,” Claire said.

“They often cannot keep on top of following up on phone calls, emails, social media messages from people who probably want to work with them – yet they cannot find the time to respond in a timely manner and these organic business opportunities are  lost.”

Claire, who has worked with micro businesses and SMEs for over 20 years from her purpose-built premises in Brinkworth near Swindon, has a team of 20 staff who can help business owners organise their diaries and prevent them becoming overwhelmed. 

“This is not about cold-calling prospective clients. Many good business people have inquiries coming through regularly yet they simply don’t have time to follow up and build those solid relationships. 

“That where we can come in and we can book in those telephone conversations or meetings while ensuring that potential clients are being heard and valued. We can even book in meetings six months or a year in advance if a business owner is booked up for months ahead.”

Some sectors are well known for not responding to client calls at all which comes across as poor customer service. These include small construction companies with less than three staff, micro businesses such as self- employed plumbers, heating engineers, carpenters and electricians.

“The truth is for some small business owners, inquiries come in and are not responded to at all so business is lost from the outset. In a cost of living crisis when we are all going to have to work harder, this is something to look at and invest in. It keeps your sales pipeline flowing and offers excellent customer service,” Claire said.

To find out more about the “Follow Up” service call 01666 511340, email: or visit: