UK’s top YouTube coin expert comes to Wiltshire

By Fiona Scott on 26 April, 2022

The UK’s top YouTuber on coins and collecting has joined the team at The Britannia Coin Company in Royal Wootton Bassett. 

Christopher Collects is well-known on YouTube with his almost daily films about his love of coins as well as offering tips on coins to look out for or to collect. He currently has 62.2k subscribers globally on his personal channel. 

With The Britannia Coin Company, he’s now become one of the global faces of the brand and is the firm’s new Digital Marketing Manager. 

Christopher, said, “I’m thrilled to work with such a forward-thinking company and team and, unsurprisingly, it’s perfect for me. I’m making regular videos on YouTube and TikTok to promote the brand and the coins we have on offer.”

So committed to his new role, Christopher, who’s 29, has moved from his previous home in Berkshire and has moved to Royal Wootton Bassett where The Britannia Coin Company has its home alongside its sister company Old Bank Antiques.

Christopher, added, “I’m loving getting to know Wiltshire and it’s a beautiful county and I’m still learning about the area.”

Jon White, Founder of The Britannia Coin Company, said, “I’m thrilled that Christopher has joined the team. We are an online company so it makes sense to build an audience on platforms like YouTube and TikTok to create brand awareness. Given Christopher’s astonishing success in becoming a credible educator around coins and collecting, there’s no one better to support our growth.” 

Christopher started his own YouTube channel back in 2017 when he was a bank manager and couldn’t believe how well it took off and the appetite globally for information and tips around coins and collecting. However he actually started collecting coins when he was a child. 

He said, “Weirdly it all started when my dad bought me one of those annual coin sets in the year 2000, one for me and my brother. I thought they looked really cool and I was hooked. I started to learn about the Royal Mint sets and commemorative coins around key events and that was that!” 

Christopher has already started to make an impression on The Britannia Coin Company building an impressive YouTube audience of almost 3,000 subscribers in only a few weeks. His videos showcase:

  • coin hunts as he looks for treasure within coin collections acquired by the company.
  • looking in detail at coins which are quirky or which have rare dates or designs.
  • the stories of coins and their origins, some dating back to the time of the Romans.
  • tips around which coins to choose within the coins being offered by the Britannia Coin Company. 

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