Two Wiltshire business women celebrate their first anniversary working together

By Anita Jaynes on 26 January, 2015

Wiltshire businesswomen Steph Rickaby and Alison Edgar are celebrating a year of working together.

Accountant Steph, who runs Sunflower Accounts of Calne, has been working alongside Alison, managing director of Sales Coaching Solutions for 12 months.

Alison said: “Bringing in Steph to work alongside us as our accountant has been a key factor in the growth of the company. She has been instrumental in helping me achieve my business goals so far and she understands the long-term vision for future expansion.”

Sales Coaching Solutions was started in 2011 but last year it expanded to take on two employees. This year the business is expanding into Berkshire on its way to becoming a national brand.

Alison said: “Steph has helped me in many ways as I work to grow my business and my team.

“She’s given me confidence my business plan will be successful; she’s introduced me to the accountancy system Xero which has made a huge difference in terms of time management and she’s become a trusted ‘sounding board’ for my ideas for growth. Steph is patient with me, she’s realistic and that means I have to justify everything I do.”

Steph said: “Working with Alison and Sales Coaching Solutions has been a joy. To really get to know a business, understand the owner’s goals and vision and help them achieve that vision through sensible financial management is what it’s all about for me and for Sunflower Accounts.”

Sunflower Accounts was created in January 2012 by Steph, a chartered certified accountant. She was joined in the business by husband Mark last year.

The business has its base in Wiltshire but operates nationwide. Mark and Steph believe it’s their role to educate small business owners about finances. They show their clients that planning their finances can help them achieve both personal and business goals.

Pictured above from left to right: Alison Edgar and Steph Rickaby