Tributes to the “inspiring and incredible” Rebecca Rowland

By Anita Jaynes on 9 October, 2014

Rebecca Rowland, manager of Swindon’s Business Improvement District (BID) company, inSwindon has passed away following her battle with cancer. Rebecca, who took over the role in late 2013 died peacefully in the Prospect Hospice last night with her two daughters by her side .

Rebecca was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2013 and despite six courses of chemotherapy and five weeks of radiation therapy it was identified that there was secondary cancer attacking three places in and around her brain.

Kirsty Heber-Smith, a spokesperson for inSwindon said: “It is a great loss and words cannot describe how wonderful, inspiring and incredible Rebecca was. A fighter through and through and someone we will never, ever forget.

“Rebecca was not only a colleague but seen to many of us in the office as family. Her caring nature, determination to change people’s perspective of Swindon and her dedication to her job will always be remembered,” added Tim Paradise, colleague at inSwindon.

Liz Ledger, director of Total Guide To, said: “We have worked with Becky for many years and she became a great friend. She was an incredibly strong and caring person, which was clear in her dedication to her role at inSwindon and improving the town centre.

“Becky remained a fighter all through her illness and she was always positive and happy; a true inspiration. Our thoughts are with her family at this difficult time.”

Rebecca saw Prospect as being very close to her heart and since 2008, she completed a skydive, held auctions, took part in the Starlight Walk with fellow relatives and raised more than £10,000 with their help for a tribute on Prospect’s Bluebell Walk.