Trauma parenting expert specialist works with the nannies of today and tomorrow

By Anita Jaynes on 28 November, 2015

An internationally recognised expert on trauma parenting has teamed up with the prestigious Norland College to help graduates stay at the forefront of best practice.

Jane Evans from Sutton Benger, who is a speaker, author and mother, works with parents, children and young people with complex needs.  She also trains practitioners and professionals who work with children to help them understand and recognise the impact of trauma, especially on their behaviour.

This year Jane has already featured on Channel 5’s innovative series of ‘My Violent Child’ and is a regular media commentator on ITV and Channel 5. Recently she was one of the guest speakers at TEDx Bristol.

Jane delivered a course at Norland College – an organisation founded in 1892 by Emily Ward who recognised the need for more structured early years’ childcare training. Norland College runs a three year degree course in Early Years Development and Learning.

Over the past 125 years around 7,000 people have graduated and its graduates are encouraged to keep their skills up to date by committing to a Continual Professional Development programme.

As part of this initiative, Jane ran a workshop on how to look after a child’s emotional needs following a trauma.

“Exploring what can make children anxious and how to support them is so is essential for anyone caring for children. It was a real pleasure to look at this with a group of Norland Nannies as a part of their ongoing development,” she said.

“It was thought provoking and gave us a different perspective,” said Early Years’ Consultancy Manager Claire Burgess.

“We looked at how events in a child’s life might impact them and their family and how a practitioner can best support them. It’s good to be learning new things and to be at the forefront of new developments and concepts.”

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