Trauma parenting and anxiety specialist launches her third book to help young children to feel less anxious

By Anita Jaynes on 15 March, 2016

Jane Evans, an expert in childhood anxiety awareness is about to launch her third children’s book ‘Little Meerkat’s Big Panic.’

The book, published on Monday March 21, is designed as a useful and fun resource for adults to use with children to help them deal with feelings of anxiety and panic in their young lives.

Jane, is based in Wiltshire, said: “It is a story book for young children, aged two to six, but is useful for any age as the simple, appealing story illustrates the way anxiety plays out in the brain and the body and what to do to address it.”

The story centers on an adventure with three animals: a meerkat, an elephant and a monkey. Each animal represents one of the three main areas of brain and the role they play in everyday life:

  • The survival part of the brain – the meerkat.
  • the emotional memory part of the brain – the elephant.
  • the intelligent brain – the monkey.

The story unfolds with a little meerkat losing his friends and getting very anxious. He bumps into an elephant who helps with his feelings, and then they meet the little monkey who helps them to feel calm and solve the problem.

Jane said: “What I’m trying to show is there are tools children (and adults!) can use to help their bodies and brains become calm. The story shows by being still and calm they can think clearly learn and problem solve, be a good friend, and understand their feelings and other people’s feelings. These are the foundations of good mental and physical health, to accessing learning, and are central to relationships.”

Jane (53), lives in Sutton Benger, near Chippenham and is an established author and her first two books How Are You Feeling Today Baby Bear? looking at domestic violence and Kit Kitten and the Topsy-Turvy Feelings looking at emotionally absent parents, are now used by professionals, parents and carers around the world.

Jane said: “I know we are facing a crisis when it comes to the mental health of children and young people. Through my books I’m doing my best to help people have the tools to help children express more physically and emotionally regulated.”

Jane is an international speaker, author and trainer on anxiety awareness in the workplace and the impact of childhood trauma on parenting, child development and behaviour. She was one of the experts who supported families with violent children in Channel 5’s series My Violent Child in 2015 and also was a speaker at the TEDx event in Bristol talking about ‘Taming and Tending Your Meerkat Brain!’.

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‘Little Meerkat’s Big Panic’ is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers and can be found here 

Pictured above: Jane Evans