Torin-Sifan continues to invest in Swindon manufacturing capabilities

By Anita Jaynes on 7 January, 2016

Swindon-based Torin-Sifan, a leading producer of energy efficient fan technology, has continued its significant investment in technology and infrastructure in the town with the addition of an in-house state-of-the art precision winding machine. This investment will enable the company to bring the very latest three phase EC (electronically commutated) motor technology to market, as the company flies the flag for British innovation.

Torin-Sifan has invested in the latest market-leading winding machine in order to offer its customers technological advances and better service. The winding machine can be used to customise products for different applications and is enabling Torin-Sifan to develop its new motor platforms.

A six-figure investment has been made in the winding machine and associated training and this follows on from a large investment in Torin-Sifan’s two Swindon manufacturing site. A new EC Manufacturing and Technology Centre was opened at Pagoda Park in Swindon in February and a state-of-the-art logistical centre has recently been created at Torin-Sifan’s Greenbridge HQ. The manufacturer is leading the way in EC technology in the UK and sees these investments as essential in further enhancing British engineering capabilities.

“By having a new winding machine in-house, rather than outsourcing, we are better able to control quality and it enables us to make developments in a controlled manner too. Investing in the latest winding machine means that our products contain cutting-edge technology,” said Martin Page, Technical Director at Torin-Sifan. “At Torin-Sifan we are committed to continuous improvement and investment in our Swindon facilities and view purchasing the latest machinery as essential in enabling us to continue to lead the way in EC technology. The winding machine has specifically been purchased for the creation of a new, highly innovative ‘Revolution 360 range.”

The advanced three-headed high speed needle winding machine produces improved electromagnetic, thermal and acoustic properties of motors with greater reliability. It also offers flexibility in production batch size as changes in production can be made in a matter of minutes with a simple change of tooling and selection of the appropriate software program.

Torin-Sifan is leading the way in EC technology in the UK and is further enhancing British engineering capabilities with its ongoing investment in technology and facilities, once again illustrating Torin-Sifan’s commitment to Swindon. The company is also a leading light in British exports with year-on-year growth.

EC technology is highly efficient and offers significant energy savings when compared to traditional AC technology. Sustainability is an important consideration at Torin-Sifan and the carbon savings that are offered by EC technology are achieved through both better efficiency and longer product life. With more than 50 years as a leading producer of the latest fan technology, Torin-Sifan continues to set the standard in motor, fan and blower products.