Think Rapport launches with training courses to enhance business communication

By Anita Jaynes on 14 September, 2015

When it comes to effective B2B and B2C communication, it’s rare to find a training course that goes beyond textbook techniques and clichéd team management dogma. Newly launched course provider Think Rapport aims to change that, with a fundamentally different approach that combines leading-edge insights with the power of neuro-linguistic programming.

Duncan Ashman, veteran sales professional, training coach and founder of the Wiltshire-based initiative said: “Only 7% of what we say is communicated verbally – the rest is all tone, body language and physiology. Successful communication relies on building rapport through effectively reading and speaking the languages of body and mind.”

Think Rapport offers both open and in-house courses throughout the south of England, covering one-to-one rapport and group rapport through a range of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. The courses aim to help attendees better align their thought processes and communication styles with those of their clients, customers and colleagues, enabling them to pitch more successfully, close more sales and enhance team productivity.

Elaborating on the story behind Think Rapport, Duncan said: “I remember working under my first sales manager nearly 30 years ago, who explained how we need to adapt to each situation. He was very good at it and it’s been a major influence throughout my career – some of the techniques he used then are still with me today. Now I use my experience and my study of linguistics to support the success and career development of others, and help them in the same way that my manager helped me.”

Career-minded individuals whose roles rely on effective communication can contact Duncan Ashman at Think Rapport on:

0203 794 3973 or email