The Business Exchange South West Charity Conference & Expo 2021

By Anita Jaynes on 29 June, 2021

The Business Exchange is getting set to host the third South West Charity Conference and Expo this September.

First hosted in 2019, The Business Exchange South West Charity Conference was designed to support local charities and third sector organisations. Its aim is to help them look at new ways to grow, diversify and connect with members of the business community who might be able to assist them either with time, skills or funding. 

The first conference in 2019 was so successful that in 2020 an expo element was added to the day. The 2020 South West Charity Conference & Expo was held at Bath Racecourse with 35 exhibitors, a networking breakfast with inspirational talks from Dorothy House Hospice and Emberson Group, and eight seminar sessions held throughout the day covering subjects such as social media, digital transformation and business ethics. There were over 400 attendees and the event received fantastic feedback from the community. 

James Carlin, Director 3SG (Third Sector Group for B&NES) hosted a seminar session. He said, “The South West Charity Conference and Expo was a good opportunity to meet new charities and social enterprises from across the region. I gave a talk on local sources of support and received a number of new partnership opportunities as a result.” 

Mark Bradbury, Head of Employee Benefits at Fidelius Group, added, “It was superb to meet so many people who actively make a positive impact on our community. Their passion and drive is evident and infectious.”

The 2021 South West Charity Conference & Expo is set to build on the success of last year’s event and this year will take place as a week-long digital expo, with a series of seminars, talks and networking opportunities hosted both virtually and in-person. Founder of The Business Exchange and organiser of the event, Anita Jaynes, said, “The 2020 South West Charity Conference & Expo had a real buzz about it and was such a great start to the year. Little did we all know that only a month or so after the event the pandemic would take hold and we would all be plunged into lockdown, facing new challenges with so many fundraising events planned for the year cancelled and us all having to find new ways to survive and stay visible. 

“This year more than ever it’s important that we get together again to share learnings, discuss challenges and forge a way to move forward as we all begin to embrace a world that has been changed by Covid-19. We are deliberately hosting the 2021 conference as a hybrid event with both virtual and in-person elements as many of the charities and not-for-profits who will be in attendance work with vulnerable people and we want to play it safe with numbers. The in-person events which will form part of the week are likely to be restricted to a maximum of 30 attendees to help everyone feel more comfortable as we get back to it.” 

This year’s event will be hosted from Monday 13th until Friday 17th September with a full schedule of events to be announced soon. 

To find out more about the 2021 South West Charity Conference and Expo including sponsorship and exhibiting, email: or call: 01225 300043.