The Business Exchange International Women’s Day Event 2023

By Anita Jaynes on 4 February, 2023

Following the success (and sell out) of The Business Exchange 2022 International Women’s Day celebration, we’ve been hard at work to create another inspiringuplifting and fun evening on Wednesday 8th March – International Women’s Day.

Join us at Lomah (Land of Milk and Honey) at Walcot House, Walcot Street, Bath, for an unforgettable night.

We’ve put together a panel of amazing women from our community who continually strive to lift others. We will be supporting this year’s IWD theme #EmbraceEquity, discussing business for good, sharing mindfulness tips to help with the daily juggle and personal styling tips for looking and feeling fabulous every day.

We are delighted to also be welcoming Ubiety, the luxury body care and fragrance brand of local charity Dorothy House Hospice Care.

Ubiety will be setting up a pop-up shop, giving us the chance to treat ourselves from the range. 100 per cent of the profits from the products go to the charity, to support the core services provided to patients.

Our inspirational panel

Mrs Uma Gordon

Mrs Uma Gordon is a Consultant Gynaecologist and Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists Specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery. She is Medical Director of Bristol Fertility Clinic based at Spire Bristol Hospital. She is also Consultant Senior Lecturer with the University of Bristol. She is recognised for her work in reproductive endocrinology and male fertility. She has been Head of IVF Services in Bristol for over twenty years.

She was educated in south India before traveling to the UK and it had always been her wish to use her skills to help patients and professionals in India. Uma grew up in India, a country where IVF services are located in urban areas and beyond the reach of average workers. She is working hard to turn this around to help create a more equitable world. She has developed a free fertility service in a rural setting where patients receive advice, diagnosis and treatment completely free of cost. Uma recently completed her first IVF treatment mission with charity Sai Fertility and achieved a highly successful outcome. Uma will share with us her experiences and passion for making a difference.

Find out more about Uma’s work here:

Madeline Blackburn

Madeline Blackburn is Founder and Director of The Soul Spa. Established in 2019 and based in Hetling Court in the heart of Bath’s spa quarter, The Soul Spa is an innovative concept which offers a dedicated space for meditation and mind-body therapies.

Madeline is a fully qualified teacher and clinical hypnotherapist. She has worked in education across the world including Abu Dhabi and New Zealand. Madeline also worked in the corporate world alongside her husband Colin, setting up Bath-based business ESPA – European Student Placement Agency.

Madeline believes that the right mental practices can help create the mental resilience to cope with whatever comes our way in life.

Check out The Soul Spa’s offering online at:

Naianna Robertsson

Naianna is a mum of two, neuroscientist and meditation and mindfulness teacher. Her family moved to Bath during the Covid lockdowns and she subsequently set up her business Neurocompatible. Naianna runs courses and group programmes on meditation to rewire your brain, and ‘reparenting yourself’ – the neuroscience of breaking past cycles and parenting through connection.

She is a social media influencer and has 29,000 followers on Instagram where she discusses science-based parenting, self-healing and brain health. Follow her @neurocompatible_parenting

Naianna is half Brazilian and half Swedish and grew up in both countries – a truly international woman for International Women’s Day.

Find out more about Nianna’s offering here:

Karen Lowe

Karen is an image consultant and personal stylist. She believes that regardless of our age, size, shape or background, we all have the right to feel good about ourselves, be comfortable in the skin we’re in and to live a bright, stylish and confident life, every day.

Karen has been working with women across the South West for over 11 years. Her job is to take the pain and frustration out of not knowing what to wear and to boost your self-confidence by learning to love how you look in a way that feels natural to you. She works with clients to help create the perfect style that suits their personality, lifestyle and budget and is easy and effortless to maintain.

Check out Karen’s style and passion for fashion on Instagram @karenlowepersonalstylist and visit her website:

Tickets for the event include two glasses of bubbles and hearty canapes. Book yours here.

Watch our IWD 2022 highlight video to get a taste for the event. We can’t wait to welcome you this year!